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About Australian

Mist Cats

Australian Mists were developed from Burmese, Abyssinians and the Domestic tabby cat, the Burmese donating the largest proportion of genetic material, their character and temperament is very similar to that of a Burmese.  However their coat colours and patterns are different, they come in two coat patterns spotted and marbled tabby (classic tabby) and seven colours Brown, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac then Gold (which is cinnamon), Peach (which is fawn) and Caramel.  Their type is moderate in every way nothing at all extreme about them.  It is the Burmese gene that is responsible for the beautiful colouring of the Australian Mist, the misted effect is caused by the agouti invasion of the overlying darker pattern.  Their temperament is fabulous they are loving - ' in your face', intelligent and amazing companions Australian Mists are now a GCCF recognised breed gaining Preliminary Recognition in October 2011,  and are now being shown at GCCF shows around the UK.  The GCCF is the UK's Premier Registering Body They can be registered with Felis Britannica as an unrecognised breed, TICA have now recognised the breed. It should also be noted that all feline registration bodies Felis Britannica (FiFE, TICA, etc) all have different registration policies, rules and regulations.  My chosen registration body is the GCCF and therefore I follow their rules and regulations.

The GCCF has very high standards and when accepting the Australian Mists as a

recognised breed they wished to ensure that the breed was healthy.  So the breed has

undergone extensive DNA testing by Prof Leslie Lyons at UC Davis.  The results showed

that they are an inherently healthy breed.

We respect that breeders registering cats with other registration bodies may not have

outcrossing policies, however the Australian Mist breed is built on a small foundation of

cats and it is important for the future of the breed to continue to outcross to ensure cats are

healthy and not inbred. GCCF breeders can outcross using the 3 breeds Burmese,

Abyssinian and Domestic Shorthairs which were originally used to develop the breed.  Any

kittens that are the result of a GCCF approved outcrossing programme will be registered,

will be correctly identified and will be given a pedigree.  It should also be noted that

development of the breed here in the UK cannot be solely dependent on imported cats from

Australia which is why outcrossing plays such an important role.  GCCF Breeders will

always have the best interest of the breed at heart.  Choose a breeder from either of the

GCCF Cat Clubs the Australian Mist Cat Association or the Australian Mist Cat Society when

looking for a kitten.

The breed is now well on its way to gaining GCCF Championship status which means our

cats can start winning titles we are very hopeful this will happen 2016/17 it has been a long

haul but very worthwhile.

Telephone: 01787 278912

Australian Mists and the GCCF